created by Dorothy Raymond
My landscape series are inspired by traditional English landscape paintings and the Hudson River School.  These featured prominent geologic formations and trees, composed to convey a sense of endless depth. My subject matter is most often the Colorado mountains.
A photograph may provide inspiration and structure for my composition. But instead of replicating the photograph, I let the color and texture of my chosen fabrics dictate the shapes of the fragments and how they interact. To finish the piece, I use free-motion quilting and thread painting to bring the fragments together into a pleasing piece of art. 
Rabbit Ears Pass II
Rabbit Ears Pass II  
20 inches by 28 inches
First Prize, Lincoln Gallery 2017 Regional Fine Art Show
Thompson Valley Art League

I use fabric and thread to recapture my observations of certain places in the Rocky Mountain west (here, fall colors on Rabbit Ears Pass) that resonate in my psyche. Is it the relationship between fragments of different geological elements—light and shadow on rocks and trees? The beckoning of the far horizon?






    Sand Dunes IV
    19 inches by 24 inches
    Fourth, larger iteration of iconic view of Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado. This piece is inspired by the contrast of sand dunes and vegetation in the Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado.  Using fabric and thread to capture my observations of nature provides one more way to experience the essence of the outdoors.


    29 inches by 53 inches
    Private Collection

    Inspired by a photo I took in Glacier National Park, this piece reflects my continuing inspiration by the Rocky Mountains disappearing into the background and my love of trees.  



    Blue Forest
    26 inches x 12 inches
    Juried into Abstracting the West, Laramie Art Quilters, 2016

     I am intrigued by forests and how trees disappear into the distance.  I wanted to portray this in a monochromatic color scheme.





12 inches by 18 inches
Private Collection
Exhibited at the Loveland Art Museum, Loveland Colorado, April - September, 2019
Juried into "Abstracting the West"
Laramie Art Quilters, 2016

This is an exploration of how to capture the expanse of the western sky

Peaceful Pond
12 inches by 12 inches

The quiet serenity of a pond in winter rejuvenates me. I know that spring will come and that this period of rest will make spring even better. 




Rabbit Ears Pass
SAQA Benefit Auction Quilt, 2015
Private Collection
12 inches by 12 inches



SAQA Benefit Auction Quilt 2016
12 inches by 12 inches


Secrets of the Forest
Private Collection
Juried into Sacred Threads, 2015
20 inches by 23 inches



Front Range and Hogback.  October, 2013.  Not for Sale
Juried into Front Range Contemporary Quilters 25th Anniversary Show; and
Abstracting the West, Laramie Art Quilters
40 inches by 26 inches.
Pine Tree Study II. February 2014 
Private Collection
Juried into SAQA regional show "Small Wonders"
12 inches by 12 inches



Aspen III - Autumn Storm Coming In.  April 2011.  $300.

17 inches x 13 inches




Sand Dunes III.  January 2012. 
Not for Sale

13 inches x 17 inches


View of Barga, Tuscany.  April 2011
Private Collection. 
  • 18 inches by 22 inches