Sometimes the fabric just wants to be together with other fabrics of the same, or different, colors. Or maybe it’s the textures that catch my eye. I like playing with colors and mixing and matching. The challenge is to make an interesting composition even if it’s not representational.



Petal Study.  


25 inches by 14 inches

The second in a series exploring the petal/leaf shape.  I am inspired by flowers and the petal shape.  This is second in a series exploring the petal shape, using different sizes and transparencies of flowers.




Abstract Study I (Ladders)


twelve inches by twelve inches



Circles and Lines
22 inches x 22 inches


Juried into Front Range Contemporary Quilters exhibit "Past, Present and Future"




"The Key to Recycling is Finding Beauty"
18 inches by 26 inches



This piece uses recycled and scrap bag fabrics and found objects to support the cause of recycling.