I have a relationship with trees. Is it a reaction to the dry plains of Colorado where I grew up? Am I atavistically programmed to seek out shelter amidst the trees? I don’t really know; I just know that there are a lot of them in my art.


Avebury Oaks: Tree Trunks  V
21" x 21"
Sacred Threads, 2017

The magic of the oak trees inside the Avebury stone circle inspired me with their timeless mystery. I imagined the trees centuries from now as they fade into memory




Ghost Trees: Tree Trunks IV
21" x 16"
Private Collection

On Edge, 2018.  Edge Gallery, Lakewood, Colorado

Reflections, 2017. FRCQ Exhibit at Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood, Colorado

This piece tries to capture the mystery of a solitary tree trunk, standing sentinel, perhaps after a fire?  Memories (ghosts?) of past trees and leaves enhance the solitude. While memories of the past heighten our sense of loss, our memories also bring us comfort. 


Blue Forest
26 inches x 12 inches
Juried into "Monochrome," R Gallery, Boulder, Colorado, February 2020; and
"Abstracting the West," Laramie Art Quilters, 2016

 I am intrigued by forests and how trees disappear into the distance.  I wanted to portray this in a monochromatic color scheme.



Tree Trunks
25" x 38"
Private Collection

Art Quilt Elements, 2016. Wayne Art Center, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Based on my photo of a silver-leafed poplar.  A tree can capture my imagination; can I capture the magic of a tree with pieces of fabric and stitching? 



Aspens  IV
30" x 40"
Corporate Collection

Sacred Threads,  2015. Herndon, Virginia and traveling exhibit.